Can Peach Trees Grow in Florida?

Many Floridians enjoy growing fruits and vegetables to reduce their grocery costs and live a more self-sufficient lifestyle. Although numerous crops flourish in Florida, many residents wonder if peach trees can thrive in the state’s subtropical climate. So, can peach trees grow in Florida?

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Peach Tree Requirements

Florida’s sunny climate and warm temperatures make it ideal for numerous fruits and vegetables. However, unlike other fruit trees, peach trees require a cold period during dormancy to produce fruit and flower during the warmer seasons. Arborists and gardeners call the cold period chill units.

Peach trees that don’t experience chill units typically produce abnormally shaped fruit and bloom late. However, excessively long cold periods can cause peach trees to bloom too early, resulting in blossom and fruit loss. Gardeners must ensure their peach trees receive the correct chill units for them to grow and thrive.

So, can peach trees grow in Florida? It depends on your location.

Unfortunately, peach trees struggle to grow in southern Florida due to its short winter. They prefer northern and central Florida’s milder climate and well-draining soil. However, some newer peach varieties don’t require as many chill hours and can thrive in Southern Florida’s hotter conditions.

Best Peach Variety To Grow in Florida

Peach trees come in several varieties that require different climates and growing methods. Some variations don’t need elongated cold periods and can endure high temperatures without experiencing drawbacks, making them ideal for southern Florida’s hot climate.

When shopping for peach tree seeds, find one of the following varieties to ensure optimal growth and fruit production.

  • Florida Glo
  • UF2000
  • UF Gem
  • UF Sun
  • Florida Prince
  • Florida Crest
  • Sunbest

Professional gardeners created some of these varieties specifically for Florida’s hot climate. For example, Florida Glo peach trees only require 150 chill hours, while more traditional variations need between 450 to 600. Always check the peach tree seed’s chill requirements to ensure they grow in your climate.

How To Grow Peaches in Florida

Once you purchase the correct peach tree seeds, plant them in well-draining soil with plenty of sunlight. Peach trees need full sun to develop and produce fruit efficiently.

Also, try to plant peach trees in slightly acidic soil with 6.0 to 6.5 pH levels. The soil also needs optimal air circulation to maintain a thriving root system.

After planting, water the seeds regularly to prevent diseases and premature death. However, overwatering young and mature trees can cause root rot and other adverse effects that jeopardize their well-being. You want to keep the soil moist but not overly wet.

You can check the soil’s moisture levels by placing your index figure one to two inches into the soil. If the dirt feels moist, the tree doesn’t need water. Conversely, if the soil feels dry, give the plant some water.

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