How Close Can I Plant Trees to My House in Boca Raton, FL?

You might think having a tree close to your house is nice due to aesthetics and natural shade. Unfortunately, trees can cause major damage when they’re too close to a building. If you’re asking, “How close can I plant trees to my house?” you’re not alone.

Our ECO Tree Experts crew has decades of experience and over 2,400 satisfied customers. Our superior tree service specialists in Boca Raton, FL, often deal with the problems stemming from the proximity of trees to homes. To know the safe distance for tree planting near homes, consult our guide below.

Ideal Tree Planting Distance From Houses

Though gardening and tree planting can help with mental health, you don’t want to ignore the trees’ effects on your home. When planting trees near a house, guidelines recommend a small tree placement of at least 13 feet from the home. If the tree is large, the minimum distance between it and the house is 26 feet.

Why You Should Plant Trees a Safe Distance From Your Home

Understanding the answer to “How close can I plant trees to my house?” is more about property damage than the tree’s visual impact on your landscape. When planting trees near houses, regulations are in place due to how tree growth can damage houses and their foundations.

A thriving tree root system with sufficient water and nutrients will continuously grow wide and deep into the ground. When trees are too close to a home’s foundation, those strong, dense roots can crack the foundation. The roots can also break into underground pipes when seeking water and nutrients, causing major plumbing leaks or clogs. 

Other problems a too-close tree can cause a house include:

  • Uneven door and window frames
  • Roof damage
  • Buckling or distortion on sidewalks and flooring
  • Cracks on interior walls

What to Consider Before Planting a Tree in Your Yard

Before planting a tree in your yard, consider these factors to avoid costly property damage.

Tree Height and Spread

A small plant can quickly grow into a massive tree. Even if a sapling seems harmless, it can grow large enough to be a problem if you place it too close to a building. When exploring trees to plant, consider their maximum height and spread at maturity.  

Tree Type

Some trees do well near buildings since they don’t grow tall or have invasive root systems. Consider planting the following tree species in your yard:

  • Columnar Sweetgum 
  • Southern Magnolia Little Gem
  • Crepe Myrtle
  • Allegheny Serviceberry

Keep Your Trees Healthy and Strong with Help From Local Professionals

If you’re still unsure about the answer to “How close can I plant trees to my house?” turn to our professionals at ECO Tree Experts in Boca Raton, Florida. We have performed hundreds of successful tree replanting services and know the local house and tree planting distance restrictions. As a full-service tree care company, we can also identify the signs of a dead tree, provide 24/7 emergency tree removal, and more.

At ECO Tree Experts, we guarantee satisfaction for residential, commercial, and industrial tree care projects. Call (833) 321-TREE today for your quote.