Tree Services Florida

ECO Tree Experts is a local tree service with years of experience. Our tree experts have been providing Florida homeowners and businesses with professional tree services. With a professional crew that’s licensed and insured, ECO Tree Experts can meet all your tree care needs. We use proper equipment and industry-approved tree solutions. Whether you are looking for tree pruning in spring or tree removal services after a nasty hailstorm, we can provide you a great service.


Commercial Tree Services in Florida

We offer the following tree services in West Palm Beach:

Stump Grinding

Florida homeowners usually eliminate tree stumps for various reasons. Some do so to improve safety while others want to improve aesthetics or address sanitation concerns. Whatever your reasons for seeking stump grinding services in the West Palm Beach area, our tree experts can handle your stump grinding project fast. Our experts can provide you with information about the potential risks or liabilities of having stumps so you can decide how and when to remove them. Our stump grinding services take care of your yard appearance and safety concerns while keeping pests at bay.


Tree Trimming and Pruning

Trees are naturally beautiful but can become unsafe and unappealing when they overgrow. ECO Tree Experts can help you trim and prune dead limbs or branches to enhance your property’s appearance. Our professional crew has plenty of experience in trimming trees with care and they can do it with tremendous attention. Working fast and efficiently, they remove excess branches, overhanging limbs to ensure better airflow and light penetration, allowing your trees to breathe. Proper pruning and trimming promote better tree health and make your landscape attractive. Trimming can also boost your property value and improve overall safety. Meticulous tree trimming also ensures your property receives more sunlight. Best of all, your trees will grow healthy as our professional arborists will diagnose any potential tree problems that could cause diseases.


Tree Removal

While we would like to save your tree, there are moments when tree removal is absolutely necessary. Dead or hail-damaged trees aren’t only an eyesore but can pose safety risks to your family and neighbors, damaging your property and hurting someone. We can remove a dead or dying tree and any trees that are encroaching your home or nearby power lines. Any tree that defects or is too large for your property has to go. The same goes for palm trees that are blocking your views or adding to pant crowding in your Florida property. If you are not sure whether a tree needs to be removed, get in touch with our tree experts. We can remove any troublesome tree safely and efficiently.


Tree Stump Removal

If stump grinding doesn’t appeal to you, you can request stump removal services from ECO Tree Experts. Our stump removal entails pulling out the stump right from the ground. We often use high-power machines that eliminate both the stump and its roots. With our service, you are sure that the roots won’t grow back. Here’s a caveat. Removing and disposing of the tree stump and roots is exhaustive and costly. Call us to schedule your commercial or residential stump removal in West Palm Beach. We’ll do a fantastic job.


Tree Replanting

As well as providing tree removal stump grinding services, ECO Tree Experts can help you replant your trees. Maybe your trees have outgrown the existing space or wish to relocate along with your special trees with you. In either case, we can help you transfer and replant your precious trees. Most trees will move well and thrive provided you dig a properly sized root ball, allot enough time for tree health care, and properly fertilize and water them. We have a skilled team that understands tree replanting and transfer and can help you with routine pest management and fertilization after transplanting. If replanting or transplanting isn’t possible we’ll tell you.


Tree Healthcare Consulting

Trees in urban areas don’t live nearly as long as those in the forest. The harsh and unnatural environment in which they grow is to blame. The certified arborists at ECO Tree Experts can help save and preserve your beautiful trees in West Palm Beach. They are trained and knowledgeable in various aspects of arboriculture and can provide you with insight and solutions to treat cracks, rot and tree diseases. By keeping trees healthy, we can provide an ROI that’s 2-3 times more than the cost of tree planting and maintenance.


24 HR Emergency Tree Service

Unpredictable weather conditions like storms, which feature high winds and torrential rains, can rip large limbs and topple even the strongest trees. Such weather events can cause serious damage to your home or property. Removing storm-damaged trees usually requires special equipment and skills. ECO Tree Experts can come to your rescue to prevent further damage or losses. We provide emergency tree services including storm clean up, debris/tree removal, risk assessment, and assistance with filing insurance claims.


Land Enhancements & Clearing

Two common prerequisites for land development or construction work are land enhancement and clearing. Both entail removing bushes, trees, and other vegetative impediments on the live site. ECO Tree Experts can aid your land preparation by removing trees and bushes from your land. We use the best land clearing practices, including stump grinding and tree trimming. No land is too small or too big for us to clear. Our tree specialists will transform your landscape and get it ready for future development.

Need expert tree removal or professional tree care? Contact the best tree service in West Palm Beach

ECO Tree Experts is a full-service tree company with over a decade of experience in tree care, tree pruning, and tree removal. Our clients know us for our great pricing, excellent customer care, and personalized tree services. Whether you need routine tree trimming or complete land clearing, the professional arborists at ECO Tree Experts have got you covered. We have hundreds of satisfied customers and a long-standing tradition of providing professional tree care just like tree service inc.

Our arborists are just a phone call away. For commercial or residential tree care and other tree service needs, call ECO Tree Experts at 833-321-TREE for a free estimate!