Arborist Report West Palm Beach FL

Certified Arborist Report in West Palm Beach FL

Examining an arborist report from a certified arborist consulting firm before breaking ground on a construction project can save property owners and business owners in West Palm Beach, FL, millions of dollars in landscaping costs. As the number one local tree care service in many areas across Florida, we make arborist reports for various construction projects; it is one of our most requested jobs.

If you need an accurate, concise, and scientific arborist report to help you make informed landscaping decisions, like tree removals, tree canopy reductions, and which spot to pick for a new tree, call the tree consulting experts at ECO Tree Experts today. Our tree planning specialists have decades of combined experience helping business owners and home builders with land clearing, golf course management, and city permits with our arborist reports.

What Are Arborist Reports and Why Do People Them?

Only a licensed and certified arborist can draft and publish an arborist report. It usually takes a team of experts to create one from scratch, especially for large construction projects. For example, if you’re planning to build a warehouse, parking lot, or self-storage facility that could span hundreds of thousands of square feet, it is essential to hire professional arborists to create a report and avoid potential landscaping issues.

An arborist report is an official document that states the health and condition of the trees, plants, and surrounding vegetation, which helps architects and contractors make better-informed landscaping decisions before site preparation. It will tell you whether the trees on your property have root problems, pests, structural damage from storms, and other factors that will help you decide whether to keep them or cut them down.

Arborist reports are highly detailed and will explain the condition of each tree species on the property and highlight ones that require immediate attention.

What to Expect from an Arborist Report from a Licensed Tree Planning Service

An arborist report will have eight components, no matter which tree service you hire. Its different parts aim to give you a clear description of the status of the trees on your land, provide a summary of which ones you can cut or replant, and offer professional recommendations that outline a course of action.

Here’s an example of what you can expect from an arborist report:

  • An introduction that describes the scope and limitations of the job and outlines the goals of the client concerning the new construction project
  • A methodology section that outlines how the arborist team is going to conduct the report, explaining the standards they will use to measure trunk circumferences and how they will plot the location of every vegetation on a site map
  • A summary of their findings, describing the quantity, health, and physical measurements of each tree specie
  • A recommendations section where the team outlines how many trees per specie you have on your property
  • An additional segment that describes whether it is practical to keep or remove some of them because of their condition and what remedies to pursue to treat salvageable trees, also known as a Safe and Useful Life Expectancy or SULE evaluation
  • A tree protection recommendations section where the team provides preventative measures that will save the remaining trees from damage or death during the proposed renovation or construction
  • A maintenance recommendations section that outlines the optimal schedule of methods of mulching, fertilization, and tree inspection for the foreseeable future
  • Aerial photographs of the job site with labels delineating the trees covered by the report
  • Evaluation tables that summarize the physical characteristics and health of each tree with numbers that correspond to a scale

How Arborist Reports and Professional Tree Consulting Save Clients Thousands of Dollars

The licensed arborists at ECO Tree Experts have years of experience writing arborist reports for condominium developers, factory builders, and office park planners. Whether you’re planning to expand an old structure or build a new one on your commercial or residential property, our professionals can help you save thousands of dollars in capital and operating expenses.

An Arborist Report Will Reveal Damage from Vandals and Surrounding Wildlife

Vandalism on trees is a prevalent crime in many areas across Florida. We have many clients who were victims of tree spiking, where vandals twist sections of a tree’s trunk to cause the bark to peel or drive a nail into the drunk, causing a deep wound that serves as an entry point for mold and tree-killing viruses. The results can be disastrous if you let traces of vandalism go unchecked, especially if you plan to keep all the trees on your property.

Learn Which Trees on Your Property Are Hazardous

Risk mitigation is the number one reason residents and business owners call us for help. Some trees cannot adjust to the more frequent droughts, summer storms, and other adverse weather events that our climate creates because of warming ocean temperatures. An arborist report will detail the trees on your property that present a hazard for standing structures, building contractors, and potential guests and clients when your construction project finishes.

Handle Protected Species Properly

Palm Beach County features over 1,500 square miles of forest land containing trees that you won’t find in any other part of the world. Most of these species live in mangrove swamps, beach dunes, pine flats, sandy scrub lands, and wet prairies. Unless a tree presents a clear and present danger to the inhabitants of a land, you will not be able to cut it down without local government approval.

Only a certified arborist can recommend a course of action regarding the replanting, removal, or canopy reduction of a protected tree. A comprehensive arborist report will help you steer clear of state law violations.

Learn More About the Trees on Your Property with an Arborist Report and Certified Arborist Consulting

Our professionals at ECO Tree Experts are proud partners of thousands of West Palm Beach residents and business owners in crafting their tree preservation and replanting plans. An arborist report is an essential component of every construction and landscaping blueprint, so you should only request one from people you can trust.

Contact our ISA-certified arborists by calling our hotline today at 833-321-8733 and get a free consultation.