What to Do with a Tree Blocking Your Driveway

Imagine waking up to or heading home from work only to find a tree blocking your driveway. What should you do? Will your insurance cover any losses or cater for the tree removal? Has the tree damaged any power lines?  

As seasoned tree removal experts in Jupiter, the professionals at ECO Tree Experts can advise you on what to do when you notice a tree blocking your driveway.  

Check For Nearby Hazards  

Before anything, ensure everyone’s safety and check for nearby hidden hazards. When a tree falls, you must consider what else it may have affected. For example, the tree may have damaged your house or car.   

Perhaps you have a downed power line or any other potential hazard that needs urgent attention. If you notice any downed power lines or nearby live ones, call your electric company. They will come and handle the downed line and minimize potential hazards.  

Contact Your Insurance Company  

Reach out to your insurance company for guidelines on how to deal with the problem. Typically, your homeowner policy will cover the cost of removing a tree that falls onto a structure. However, each policy differs, so contact your insurer for more information.  

They’ll often guide you on the relevant steps you need to take, including getting an estimate and scheduling a tree removal.   

If you don’t have insurance or if your policy doesn’t cover the removal of a tree blocking your driveway, you can still get in touch with a certified arborist who will give you an estimate and organize the tree removal.  

Hire a Certified Arborist to Remove the Tree    

Only fallen tree removal experts, such as a certified arborist, can safely remove a tree blocking your driveway. Find a certified arborist that offers emergency tree removal services. They should be able to provide a free tree removal estimate. 

Often, they can have an estimator at your doorstep within a few hours. Once you give the go-ahead, the arborist or tree service will chop up the tree branches and remove the tree. You may need stump removal services as well, which you can schedule for a later date.   

Stump removal prevents the remaining stump from sprouting new roots and re-growing. The stump removal process typically involves either digging up the stump, chipping it into small wood shavings, or treating it with special chemicals to prevent it from growing back.  

Get in Touch with Your Local Tree Experts for Help  

Are you looking for a full-service, eco-friendly tree company committed to personalized care, fair pricing, and excellent service? Trust ECO Tree Experts. We have decades of experience providing the following tree services to residential and commercial properties in various industries:  

  • Tree removal  
  • 24-hour emergency tree service  
  • Tree trimming and pruning  
  • Tree replanting  

Call ECO Tree Experts at (833) 321-TREE to request a free estimate for service in West Palm Beach, Jupiter, and nearby Florida communities. Reach out to learn about the most apparent symptoms of sick trees or for more information on what to do when you notice a tree blocking your driveway.