Why Are Tree Branches Near Power Lines Considered Dangerous?

Trees provide ample natural beauty to our homes and businesses. Unfortunately, when overgrown trees intertwine with power lines, the results produce deadly outcomes. Heavy rains and wind put tremendous pressure on trees, causing branches of trees to sway directly into the electrical currents contained in power lines.

Contact your local tree company in Palm Beach, FL, for expert support if you notice trees getting too close for comfort near power lines. 

Dangers of Tree Branches Near Power Lines

Trees efficiently conduct electricity from nearby power lines. The water and sap contents of tree trunks and branches pose serious safety risks when poised next to overhead power lines. The most significant dangers of trees near power lines include the following: 

Electrical Fires

Branches hanging over power lines risk catching on fire. High-voltage power lines carry thousands of volts of electricity easily transmitted to nearby shrubs and trees. Electrical fires risk damaging your property and nearby trees without professional tree experts.

Electrical currents carried through tree branches may even run through the tree’s structure to the ground, endangering anyone standing near the tree. 

Fallen Branches

Electrical currents weaken the structural integrity of trees. Overgrown unpruned branches, further compromised by inclement weather and blustering winds, create massive safety concerns when exposed to power lines. Fallen limbs destroy vehicles, homes, and businesses when not treated by professionals. 

Power Outages

Open lines of communication prove essential in emergencies. Overgrown tree branches in power lines disrupt the electrical currents traveling from power stations to your homes.

To avoid costly interruptions to your power and ordeals with your electric service providers when storms arrive, contact your local arborists for help clear trees away from power lines. Tree experts understand the safety concerns of tree branches near power lines and provide solutions. 

How To Avoid the Dangers of Tree Branches Near Power Lines

Trained professionals wield years of experience clearing tree branches near power lines. You may see your local utility company trimming and removing overhanging branches from power lines all year. These experts utilize special techniques and equipment to ensure the safety of power lines and the protection of nearby trees. The most widely used method for clearing tree branches from power lines involves directional pruning. 

Directional Pruning 

Directional pruning refers to a method of trimming trees that ensures the healthy growth of new branches. Instead of just chopping down the longest branches, professional arborists carefully remove branches at their joint or natural shedding point.

This technique enables trees to send nutrients to more substantial limbs and discourages the growth of power line-adjacent branches. Expertly cut trees live longer, pose fewer risks to your community, and maintain their natural beauty. 

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