What To Put on a Tree Wound for Optimal Healing

Trees have developed an impressive level of resilience. Unfortunately, they are still vulnerable to certain types of injuries. These injuries often leave wounds that create the perfect opening for pests and diseases to invade.

No tree owner wants to watch their trees succumb to disease or decay. Many often try to find what to put on a tree wound to speed up the healing process. However, dressing the wound isn’t normally necessary. In fact, covering the wound might do more harm than good.

Read on to learn the best way to deal with tree wounds and how opting for professional tree service in West Palm Beach can help.

How Do Trees Deal With Wounds?

Vehicles, lawn equipment, and even improper pruning cuts can leave your tree with quite a bit of damage. Fortunately, your tree has a natural way of dealing with this damage. The tree will grow new wood and bark that will form a callus around the damaged tissues, sealing the affected area.

What To Put on a Tree Wound

It’s normal for you to want to help your tree’s healing process by applying a wound dressing.

On the surface, dressing the wound makes plenty of sense. After all, covering it will prevent pests and diseases from attacking the tree, allowing for optimal healing, right?

As it turns out, covering the wound only impedes the tree’s natural healing process.

For starters, the dressing will prevent the tree from developing calluses. Also, moisture can sometimes get underneath, and, as we all know, sealed in moisture will result in decay.

Fortunately, there’s a better way to deal with tree wounds.

How To Treat a Tree Wound

Has the tree in your backyard suffered an injury? Are you wondering what to put on a tree wound for optimal healing? You don’t need to. Trees do a great job of compartmentalizing their wounds.

That said, there are a few steps you can take to aid your tree’s healing and prevent more damage.


Scribing is the process of removing damaged bark from tree trunks. Doing so creates a barrier of healthy wood and encourages the tree to form a callus. The process also goes a long way in reducing rot and preventing damage.

When scribing, use a clean, sharp knife to cut the bark away from the wound in the shape of a vertical ellipse.

Improve Your Tree’s Vigor

Your tree will use up a lot of energy and resources to deal with the damage. If it doesn’t have enough energy, the recovery will be a lot slower. Fortunately, you can try to speed up the process by improving its vigor.

Start by pruning dead or dying branches. You could also thin the tree’s crown to reduce the competition for resources.

Hire a Professional

Your tree’s recovery rate will vary depending on several factors, from tree species to environmental conditions. The more favorable the conditions are, the quicker your tree’s recovery will be. By turning to a certified arborist, you will be able to get tree care solutions aimed at optimizing your tree’s recovery.

Professional Tree Care in West Palm Beach, FL

Saving and preserving your tree is high on your property list. As such, when damage occurs, it’s understandable for you to want to know what to put on a tree wound for optimal healing. However, covering the wound might do more damage.

Are you concerned about your tree’s health? Do you need help identifying sick trees? Want someone to prune trees or provide other services? When it comes to tree care in West Palm Beach, FL, no one does it better than ECO Tree Experts. Call us today at 833-321-TREE for quality tree services.