Boynton Beach FL Tree Removal Permit

Boynton Beach, Florida is a gorgeous location, and it wouldn’t be the same without its large, healthy trees. They need care and management to keep them gorgeous and strong. Breakage is a serious concern due to the hurricane-prone nature of the area, so you must stay proactive and get the proper permit to remove one.

Do you need a Boynton Beach FL tree removal permit to cut down a tree on your property? We explain the laws and regulations in this guide.

Boynton Beach FL Tree Removal Permits

Prior to 2019, before the new legislation was passed, removing trees in Boynton Beach, FL was highly regulated. You needed, as a property owner, to pay a fee and get a corresponding permit. Fines were issued if this was not followed, but times have changed.

House Bill 1159

To understand tree removal permits in Boynton Beach FL, you should know a little about the legislation. This 2019 Florida state law bans the local government from regulating or requiring a permit for tree removal on private properties. This means more freedom for homeowners to trim, prune, or remove these trees, but not 100% freedom.

Under this law, a property owner needs to obtain a document from a arborist who is certified by the ISA (International Society of Arboriculture). Or, they can get a letter from a Florida-licensed landscape architect. A risk assessment will be performed and a letter written and issued on why the tree is threatening the safety of people or property.

The tree that has been removed, trimmed, or pruned does not have to be replanted under the new legislation (except for Mangrove trees). However, removing trees in Boynton Beach FL that pose no threat to safety and are healthy, still requires a permit. This is true until Land Development Code exempts them.

Signs Your Tree is Hazardous

An arborist looks for certain signs of a hazardous tree. But what defines a dangerous tree and when should you call 24-hour emergency tree service? The signs are not clearly defined in the legislation. Know them so you can a tree removal permit in Boynton Beach FL without waiting too long.

Cutting down trees in Boyton Beach FL by a professional is imperative if you notice the signs. Does it have dead, broken, or hanging, or branches? Is it hollow, weak, or leaning close to a structure? Does it have damaged roots or a trunk with splits, cracks, or open cavities?

If you’re a Boynton Beach FL resident looking to remove, prune, or trim a dangerous tree from your property should call up a professional tree service or arborist to inspect it. They’ll tell you the best way to proceed, so don’t try to take on the job yourself.

Beautify Your Property in Boynton Beach FL!

The Eco Tree Experts can help you obtain a Boynton Beach FL tree removal permit. We are always ready to assess your issue in a timely, friendly, and professional manner. Let us remove that dangerous tree so you can fully appreciate living in gorgeous Boynton Beach.

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