Can Trees Get Sick? 5 Signs of a Tree Problem

Can trees get sick the same way as humans do? Of course! And trees can also suffer from environmental stress, insect infestation, and fungal infections, just like we can. 

Eco Tree Experts shares more below as a go-to tree removal company in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Three Things Your Tree Will Show If It’s Sick

#1 Tree Bark Abnormalities

Bark abnormalities, including bark shedding in trees, often result from tree diseases, whether it flakes off, weeps, or changes color. It’s important to call a professional quickly, especially with strange growths or mushrooms forming on the bark.

#2 Brittle Branches

Are the tree’s branches drooping? Do they crack easily? A healthy tree branch should be supple with a green tinge on the inside. 

A dry and brittle branch is likely dead and needs investigation.

#3 Wilting or Falling Leaves

Any change to the leaves’ normal growth patterns can indicate an issue. Can trees get sick due to growth pattern changes? Yes, look for the following:

  • Disease or insect infestation
  • Too much or too little water
  • Insufficient nutrients
  • Too much sunshine
  • Root rot 

Other Signs of Tree Diseases to Look For

#4 Insect Infestations

Insects can form a symbiotic relationship with a tree, but that’s not always the case. Some bugs are destructive. If you notice an infestation, get professional help as soon as possible.   

Some of the worst infestations include the following:

  • Spotted Lanternfly: These insects suck the leaf sap, resulting in sap oozing out and leaves wilting and curling. Worse yet, the bugs excrete a compound called honeydew, which sooty mold thrives on. The tree will die if you don’t intervene.
  • Emerald Ash Borer: These pests lay their eggs in the bark, so you won’t see the signs until the larvae eat all the way through it. This pernicious insect kills millions of Ash trees countrywide, so it is best to root it out quickly. 
  • Termites: Hungry termites are not only dangerous for your trees but also for your home. They snack on dead wood, so healthy trees are relatively immune. However, sick trees invite them in, and they’ll quickly destroy their structural integrity.

#5 Mold and Rot

Do you see signs of mildew or rot on the tree? Vital clues include soft spots on the trunk or mushrooms growing on the bark. If the tree is at this stage, you only have a short period to mount a response before the problem spreads.

Getting Expert Advice Could Help Your Sick Tree Recover

What tree health symptoms point to an illness? If you aren’t sure whether something is a problem for your tree, contact a certified arborist for an assessment. Doing so early enough could save your tree, so don’t delay.

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Can trees get sick? Yes, they can, and it happens more quickly than you realize. If you notice your tree losing leaves out of season or need a team to remove a tree, we can assist. 

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