Chlorosis in Trees: Causes & Treatment

Nothing welcomes the beautiful fall season quite like leaves changing from green to vibrant yellows, reds, and oranges. However, if you notice yellowing leaves during the summer, winter, or spring, your trees may suffer from chlorosis. Chlorosis in trees occurs when tree foliage lacks adequate iron, nitrogen, magnesium, potassium, and phosphorous. 

Growing leaves, much like our bodies, require essential vitamins and minerals to fend off diseases and withstand environmental changes. This blog explores chlorosis causes and treatments for trees in Florida. If you are concerned after identifying yellowing leaves, always contact a tree service in West Palm Beach to help identify chlorosis in trees and care for your landscape. 

The Causes of Chlorosis 

Unfortunately, many environmental factors can cause chlorosis in trees, making it challenging to correctly identify the source of tree damage. The most common causes of leaf yellowing chlorosis include: 

  • Nutrient deficiency 
  • Poor soil conditions 
  • Severe iron deficiency 
  • Widespread ivy growth
  • Overwatering
  • Pest infestations

Any organic matter that saps nutrients from your trees can cause chlorosis. For example, wood-boring insects using trees for shelter, food, and water steal vital minerals from growing foliage. Invasive English Ivy vines’ fibrous roots damage tree vascular systems, making it harder for trees to retain water and essential nutrients. 

Chlorosis affects trees across the United States, from the sunny shores of Key West to the windy mountains of Colorado. But fear not; chlorosis in trees does not seal the fate of your property’s trees. With care and planning, you can save any evergreen or deciduous tree from concerning chlorosis. 

Chlorosis Treatment 

Follow the tips below to help your trees bounce back from a bout with chlorosis: 

Soil Health Evaluations 

Determining the primary cause of chlorosis in trees may require professional assistance. If you follow a strict tree watering, mulching, and fertilizing schedule and still find leaves yellowing, expert arborists can perform soil treatments and soil surface testing. You may find that growing your trees in lower or higher-pH soils completely frees your trees of troublesome chlorosis. 

Trimming & Pruning Services 

Trees suffering from chlorosis may not have the nutrients to support abundant branches and canopy growth. Professional arborists can remove extraneous branches and vine growth to help your trees distribute nutrients more effectively. Experts recommend trimming and pruning trees at least once a year to fend off diseases and protect the structural integrity of growing trees. 

Vitamin Supplementation 

Tree service experts may recommend injecting or spraying your trees with highly-effective mineral treatments. Iron sulfates, sulfur, and chelated iron can reverse the effects of chlorosis in trees, providing foliage with essential nutrients. Refrain from applying vitamin supplements to trees without the supervision of professionals, as misapplication can stain concrete surfaces and damage nearby flower beds and gardens. 

How to Help Your Trees Thrive 

Finding chlorosis in your trees can provide the perfect opportunity to develop a more effective tree health maintenance plan. Consider the following tips for growing eye-catching trees in Palm Beach County: 

Tree Inspections 

Examine your trees at least once a month for signs of insect infestations, defoliation, epicormic growth, and dying branches. The quicker you identify tree health concerns, the easier it is to treat chlorosis in trees. 

Call the Professionals 

Armed with assistance and knowledge from trained professionals, you can significantly enhance the health and beauty of your property’s trees. Look for tree services that offer arborist reports, tree healthcare consulting, and emergency tree services in your area. 

Top-Tier Tree Services in Palm Beach County 

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