Land Clearing

Most times, the ideal piece of land for a house, lawn, or pasture contains vegetation that needs clearing. The process can be tasking, depending on the condition of your property.

The techniques, cost, and labor for land clearing depend on the vegetation in it and the ultimate purpose you want the property to serve. If you are new to land clearing, below is everything you need to know to help you start the process.

Assess the land

Before getting land clearing equipment, you need to evaluate the land. Many factors will influence your approach.

You need to ask yourself what you intend to do with the property. Analyze whether there is any vegetation that you want to keep. It is also essential to know the size of the shrubs and trees on the property to learn if they have deep roots that will require special land clearing equipment or if you will consider techniques, such as forestry mulching.

You need to assess whether you have any structures you want to retain or demolish on your property. It is also ideal to evaluate the condition of the soil to determine if it fits your intention for the land or requires more work like the removal of rocks to prepare for crop planting or livestock rearing.

It is also ideal to have an expert test the soil before resorting to tree clearing. Tree removal without the assurance that the ground is fit for crops or pasture growing may become a futile activity.

Once you know what you want to remove, you can determine the necessary tools for the land clearing. Many tools can help you, such as brush mowers, stump grinders, track harvesters, and string trimmers. Such equipment makes land clearing easy.

You can use harvesters if you want to carefully collect and store the trees instead of resorting to forestry mulchers to clear everything at once. If you are still not sure about the equipment needed, you can consult a reliable person who has experience in land clearing.

Budget and then Plan

Once you have done your assessment, you will need to budget and plan for your land clearing project. Some tasks will need expensive or large land clearing equipment. You may also need a bulldozer if you have a structure or stump removal. The property size will also help you know what equipment may be ideal. For example, a half-acre of land can accommodate most large machinery.

Have enough room to budget for the necessary tools or any land clearing services you will need. You may need to get quotes from different companies for tree clearing before settling on the best.

After creating your budget and understanding the cost implications of your project, you can plan the period you aim to accomplish each task.

Below is a general outline you can follow during the process:

Start site prep by removing any structures you want off the property.

  • Cut down the trees you do not need on the property.
  • Rock removal.
  • Remove tree stumps.
  • Clear weeds or bush.
  • Level the ground.

It is essential to note that the steps you take should suit the purpose of your project. Not all of them can attain your goal. The outline can only help you develop your strategy.

Check for Permits

Doing so is essential to the land clearing business, especially if it is a large property. Expect many regulations if there is any tree removal and timber involved. Talk to your local government to find out if there are any legal requirements before proceeding with clearing land.

Government intervention is necessary as your property may have water, sewer, and gas lines that may need identifying on time to avoid damage. You need the project approved as land clearing is usually an environmental issue.

Clear the Land

Once you reach this step where you clear land, you can manage to predict the outcome. It is essential to follow safety measures while doing clearing and handling tools. Wear protective goggles and gloves to avoid injuries. Wearing earplugs will also help protect you against hearing loss if you use power tools for the land clearing.

Large trees are usually an obstacle if you want to put up a construction project on the site. You may need the right equipment, such as a purpose-built mulcher. A specially built machine often works on small trees, bushes, and underbrush.

If you are preparing the site for putting up buildings, you must have a proper foundation by removing the large trees and their roots. You can fall or mulch the trees that need removal. Leaving their roots to break down slowly may serve as a way of completely preserving the fertility of the soil.

The land clearing company you opt for is likely to use excavators to remove the tree roots. The process entails digging around the tree stump to expose the roots and breaking them down into smaller pieces. The roots and the stump are then pulled out and mulched.

Clean Up the Property

After finishing the cutting down, you will need to remove the structural fragments, timber, and weeds remaining on the property. You can also do brush removal if you use a prescribed burn to clear the land.

After finishing the cleaning up, you can store the remaining timber for future use or sell it if you see no use for it. The timber money can help cater to some of the costs for your intended project. You can have a professional assess the value of trees you will remove to ensure your lumber becomes profitable in the marketplace. You will need to be careful when eliminating structural fragments during debris removal. Save anything you may find fit for reuse.

Prepare Your Land

The last step after cleaning up should be preparing the property for its intended purpose. If you intend to till the land, you should ensure that the ground beneath is suitable for farming. It is also ideal to have a hedge around the farm as a protection measure.

Contact Tree Removal Experts

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