3 Best Fire-Resistant Trees to Plant on Your Property

Florida’s extreme heat and humidity cause thousands of wildfires a year. The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services has cited over 490 wildfires in Florida in 2023. By June and July, the number of active and contained wildfires in Florida may exceed 2,000.

Homeowners can prevent and contain wildfires by considering the benefits of fire-resistant trees. Some tree species, such as Vine Maples and Spotted Gums, do not burn as quickly as other trees. Speak to your local tree service company in Palm Beach, FL, to find the best fire-resistant trees for your property. 

Please continue reading to learn more about the three best fire-resistant trees to include in your landscape. Forest fires severely threaten home and business owners throughout Palm Beach County, but you can keep your property and family safe by learning more about native plants resistant to fire damage.

Selecting Fire-Resistant Trees 

A fire-resistant tree may seem like an oxymoron, but many tree species can withstand scorching temperatures and fire damage. When searching for fire-resistant trees, look for the following characteristics: 

  • High water retention
  • Robust leaf growth
  • Evergreen tree species
  • Open canopies

Trees containing dead leaves, dry branches, and abundant dead materials burn quickly and exacerbate forest fires. Cracked or chipping bark provides the ideal kindling for raging forest fires. Homeowners can prevent the spread of forest fires by purchasing fire-resistant trees and following strict tree health care plans. 

Contact expert arborists for more information about selecting high-quality, fire-resistant trees for your property.

3 Best Fire-Resistant Trees

Dry weather conditions, thatch on forest floors, and human behaviors contribute to over 90% of forest fires in Florida. Thankfully, preventing forest fires may prove more straightforward than you think. Many tree species can withstand the arid conditions that cause forest fires. 

The most popular fire-resistant trees in Florida include the following: 

1. Florida Dogwood

Florida Dogwood Trees remain one of the most popular trees among Florida residents. The beautiful blooms of Florida Dogwood trees turn a brilliant white in the spring before turning bright red in the fall. Dogwood trees shed their leaves at the end of the growing season and pose minimal safety risks during wildfires. 

2. Eastern Redbuds 

Nothing improves your landscape’s curb appeal, value, and safety quite like Eastern Redbuds. Eastern Redbuds grow small, beautifully pink buds that provide abundant food sources for animal life. Eastern Redbud’s small leaf size, durable bark, and wide canopy growth make them excellent fire-resistant trees.

3. American Sycamores

American Sycamore trees grow large canopies, enormous trunks, and durable U-shaped branch connections. Many American Sycamore trees can grow over 100 feet tall, blocking winds from spreading wildfires to nearby trees. Incredible sycamore trees thrive in dry climates and beautify the landscapes of Florida properties. 

Additional Tips for Finding Fire-Resistant Trees

Homeowners have many options when searching for fire-resistant trees. Consider the following tips for protecting your property from fire damage: 

Tree Health Assessments 

Dying trees pose pressing safety concerns for homeowners. Aside from the risk of collapse, dying trees contain brittle bark that catches fire quickly. Speak to your local tree service professionals for help growing healthy, durable trees! 

Soil Quality Testing

Professional arborists can test the quality of your soil for nutrient deficiencies. Trees growing in unsuitable conditions catch fire more quickly and contribute to the spread of forest fires. 

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