How Long Should a Tree Be Staked in Boca Raton, FL?

You invested in tree stakes for good reasons. But as beneficial as they are, they can be hard on the eyes, mainly if your landscape follows a specific design style.

Additionally, tree stakes aren’t designed for permanent use. Leaving them for too long could have detrimental consequences for your tree.

Gone are the days of wondering “How long should a tree be staked?” This post will explain when to remove tree stakes for best results.

When To Say Goodbye to Tree Stakes

No two trees are alike, and determining how long a tree should be staked depends on the soil, environment, and weather. It’s essential to give your tree time to establish a solid root system with help from stakes. This way, the roots can soak in the water and nutrients needed for healthy growth. Experts offering Boca Raton’s tree services recommend leaving your tree staked for one year to give small roots time to grow.

With guyed trees, it’s best to remove the materials between 12 and 24 months — or after one growing season, depending on their structural stability.

What About Balled and Burlapped Trees?

You don’t want to keep your tree balled and burlapped for too long. It’s best to remove the burlap and wire when you’re ready to plant it. This allows the root ball to establish itself without obstruction. You can then follow the standard process for staking after planting the tree.

Is It Really Necessary To Remove Tree Stakes?

It isn’t a good idea to leave the stakes, especially after one year. Failure to remove stakes could prevent your tree from growing to its full potential. Stakes may also cause bark damage over time, leaving unsightly gaps throughout your tree’s trunk. It’s also wise to remove tree stakes at the proper time to avoid a drop in curb appeal.

Should You Remove Tree Stakes Yourself?

Removing tree stakes is a relatively simple task, especially if you have experience caring for trees. However, you should leave the job to professionals since:

  • Removing tree stakes the wrong way could damage your tree
  • Professionals have the proper tools and equipment
  • Arborists understand when it’s time to remove tree stakes

Additionally, arborists have years of experience and advanced training. This allows them to complete the job right the first time. 

Contact Our Team To Remove Tree Stakes

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  • Tree removals
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We also offer tree health care services designed to improve the overall health of your tree. Performed by certified arborists, our thorough tree inspections can help you find the answers to common questions like why your trees shed bark, how to prevent diseases, and how long should a tree be staked.

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