How to Tell If a Tree Is Going to Fall: Four Signs to Watch For

Knowing how to tell if a tree is going to fall goes a long way in preventing the damages and injuries a fallen tree causes.

Having healthy trees on your property is wonderful. However, there is always a risk that one will fall, whether due to wind, poor health, or structural issues. Fortunately, looking out for certain warning signs will help you implement measures that will limit these risks.

Read on to learn the four signs to watch out for and when to determine when to schedule West Palm Beach tree removal service.

How to Tell If a Tree Is Going to Fall

Though your tree can fall without warning, it will often exhibit several worrying signs beforehand. We recommend reaching out to a professional arborist as soon you notice any of the following signs:

Dead or Falling Branches

Dead branches are extremely dangerous. They can potentially damage your property or severely injure someone. Furthermore, there’s no way to predict when they’ll fall; it could happen during a storm or even on a calm sunny day.

Fortunately, regularly inspecting the branches will help you learn how to tell if a tree is going to fall.

A tree with dead branches might have root rot and could be unable to nourish its branches. As a result, it will shed some of the branches since the fewer branches it has, the fewer nutrients it needs.

Sudden Lean

Your tree could lean to find light or due to constant exposure to wind. While a mild lean is not unusual, a sharp, sudden lean often means your tree is losing strength.

It should be particularly concerning if strong storms cause the tree to lean suddenly. When this is the case, inspect the tree’s base to check if the soil is swelling upwards or if there is standing water near the roots.

Cracks in the Trunk

Deep cracks in the trunk make the tree significantly weaker. The weaker the tree, the harder it will be for it to remain standing.

Regularly inspect your trees for cracks or splits in the trunk. While splits and cracks in the trunk don’t automatically point to imminent danger, you should monitor them closely. Contacting our arborists can help you address the damage before it worsens and makes the tree structurally weak.

Rotten Roots

A tree with rotten roots could be on its way to tipping over. Though detecting this can be challenging, certain signs will help, such as:

  • Dead branches
  • Mushrooms growing at the tree’s base
  • Falling leaves

Professional Tree Removal in West Palm Beach

Learning how to tell if a tree is going to fall, including identifying when to cut down oak wilt trees, will help you take the measures needed to prevent the damage falling trees cause.

Have you noticed any of the above worrying signs? Contact Eco Tree Experts for professional tree service. Our arborists will check for signs the tree needs to be removed, implementing the most ideal solutions.

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