How Do Trees Help with Flooding?

Flooding is a grim reality for many West Palm Beach residents. Heavy rainfall and extreme weather events put your home at risk, creating large pools of water that can seep into your home or business. However, what many home and business owners don’t know is that trees can actually reduce the flood’s severity and give your property an extra layer of protection against some natural disasters.

So, how do trees help with flooding? The arborists at ECO Tree Experts are here to teach you how trees can protect your West Palm Beach property from severe floods.

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How Trees Protect West Palm Beach Properties from Flooding

When we think of tree benefits, flood protection usually doesn’t come to mind. However, planting a few large trees on your property can reduce a flood’s severity and diminish potential issues that negatively impact your home. 

But, how do trees help with flooding?

Many floods occur when excess water runs into streams, rivers, and other bodies of water, causing them to overflow. Trees can reduce the amount of water pouring into waterways by soaking it up and using it to feed its roots. They also prevent the soil and organic matter from shifting, further protecting your property from flood damage.

Tree leaves also play a role in hindering floods through a process called interception. Interception occurs when the leaves catch some of the rainwater before it hits the ground. The leaves soften the rain’s ground impact and prevent some of it from reaching the soil completely.

Once the storm subsides, the water on the trees’ leaves evaporates into the atmosphere, reducing the flood’s intensity.

Best Trees To Reduce Flooding in West Palm Beach

Although most trees will make a positive impact on your property and reduce flooding, some work better than others. It’s best to plant trees with high water tolerances to ensure their roots can soak up the water without experiencing root rot. Root rot can kill a tree rather quickly, so it’s vital to plant water-tolerant trees along your property’s basin to protect it from flooding.

Below are some water-tolerant trees that will reduce a flood’s severity.

  • Silver maple
  • Blackgum
  • California laurel
  • Sandbar willow

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