How to Water Mature Trees During Drought

Trees provide shade, safety for small animals, and they remove carbon monoxide from the air. Trees need extra water during dry seasons in order to stay healthy. When you know how to water mature trees during drought, you can prevent the cost of removing dead trees.

ECO Tree Experts provides complete tree service in West Palm Beach, FL, to help maintain your trees during drought conditions.

Detect Signs of Dehydration

The first step in watering mature trees is to determine if they actually need an extra boost of water. Check your trees for physical signs of dehydration. The leaves are the furthest from the root system, so they show signs before any other area.

Check the leaves for brown or yellow edges and curling. Inspect the tree for areas with missing leaves and dead branches. These are all signs that the tree isn’t getting the right amount of water.

Poke a hole a few inches into the dirt. If the dirt feels dry and crumbly, that’s a sure sign that there is no moisture left for the tree to absorb.

Common Watering Methods

Mature trees need water to reach all the way down to the roots that are at least eight inches below the soil. Root systems reach far beyond the canopy of the tree, so you don’t want to water close to the trunk.

A sprinkler set up several feet away from the tree is a great way to administer water to the roots. Once one area has a decent amount of water, move the sprinkler to another area, until the whole root system is wet.

For trees on a hill, a soaker hose spiraling out across the root system is a great way to provide water without it rolling away before it has the chance to soak into the ground.

How Often To Water a Mature Tree During Drought

Each type of tree prefers a different amount of water. The size, soil condition, and their location are all factors in determining how often to water mature trees during drought. Trees can experience drought stress, but they can also show stress due to too much water, so it’s a delicate balance.

After the first watering, wait until the soil is dry before watering again. Twice a month may be all your trees need in order to survive the dry months.

The Benefits of Watering vs. Replacing Mature Trees

Deep watering your trees will inevitably make your water bill go up. While no one wants to pay more than usual for their monthly bills, consider the cost of handling the aftermath of trees that die due to drought.

Trees take decades to grow and mature. Investing the money into keeping them alive a few months a year is worth it in order to avoid them dying. If they do die, they need professional removal to keep them from falling and damaging your personal property or hurting someone. The cost of professional removal could be much higher than the cost to simply water existing trees.

Eco-Friendly Tree Care

When you know how to water mature trees during drought, you can prevent the cost of removing dead trees and relax in the shade of their canopy for many years. If you think you have a sick tree on your property, ECO Tree Experts can detect signs that a tree needs to be removed and we can safely remove the tree before it causes any damage.

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