Is It Necessary to Get a Permit for Tree Removal?

West Palm Beach is a beautiful place. It is known for generally wonderful weather, its proximity to large bodies of water and its wonderful people. One can find a wide variety of things to do in the area and partake in many outdoor activities with others.

The wonderful climate present within West Palm Beach can provide a great avenue to grow trees of various types. From an African Coral Tree to Alexander Palm to American Elm.

Yes, the city of West Palm Beach even has an initiative to encourage urban forestry and contribute positively to the environment.

It would follow that tree services will have to come in and provide comprehensive tree care. Of course, these services may also be called to remove trees as well. For instance, they might have to conduct stump grinding, stump removal, take out trees to preserve overall health and safety.

A professional tree service will comply with the local laws regarding tree trimming and general tree care services. Our ISA certified arborists want to ensure that we are doing so correctly whether we address tree diseases, stump grinding, or stump removal.

According to Palm Beach County and its Planning, Zoning, and Building regulations, it is necessary to have a permit when cutting a tree on a particular site.

In most cases, it is not necessary for existing single-family residential areas. But remember, this is when dealing with new construction properties. It is also crucial to do so if you are a multi-family or commercial property owner.

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What is a permit for tree removal?

If you want to remove trees on your property, you may need a permit, depending on your county. If your county requires you to have a permit, you will need to follow specific procedures to obtain it and be able to remove the tree safely. Palm Beach County requires single-family residential property owners to get a tree permit only for perimeter or common tree area removals.



How to know if you need a permit for tree removal?

You might need a permit to cut down a tree or take part in a tree. This applies to public and private property, though some exceptions exist. Below are the most common reasons people will want to cut down trees.

Fallen trees: When you need to remove a tree that has fallen in your yard, you’ll need a permit. However, if your neighbor’s tree falls and damages your property, you might be able to take down the tree without a permit. Again, the situations vary and for times when you are not certain, you can can review your permit needs while working with a tree care professional.

Hazardous trees: You’ll need a permit if you need to cut down a hazardous tree. The USDA and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have rules about which trees are hazardous. If you think a tree is hazardous, go here to learn more. You’ll need a permit if you need to cut down a hazardous tree. The USDA and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have rules about which trees are hazardous. If you think that a tree is hazardous, you can coordinate with your tree service professionals.


What to do if you need a permit?

If you need a permit for tree removal, you should contact your local building department and ask if they have an application. You shouldn’t need a permit if there is no form or application to fill out. Cities generally explain that a permit will require ” removing an established tree from a public property such as a sidewalk, boulevard, or lane.”

To apply for a permit, you may need to go online or contact your local municipal government, as each city and town has its process. There may be certain conditions to consider when applying for a permit, such as the distance between new trees that are planted. Trees deemed unnecessary can be removed, but the homeowner must plant new trees in their place. Some cities will only accept applications for tree removal after a certain time of year.


Be Careful and Work with Professionals When Conducting Tree Elimination

The zoning laws are generally simple and straightforward in Florida and the West Palm Beach area. The City of West Palm Beach aims to make sure that the planting of trees and the removal of trees take place in an orderly manner.

One of the core points is that it should not affect other residents and should not cause harm to others in the nearby area.

It is essential to note that the State of Florida does not impose excessive burdens on the homeowner when it comes time to conduct the removal of trees. It does not require the individual to obtain licensing to take this action on their existing property.

Anyone has the ability to remove a tree on their respective property as long as it does not interfere with other regulations that may be present depending on the specific area.

Local authorities do caution individuals to stay away from the removal of trees without the help of tree service professionals.

This is indeed a tough task and one that can have grave consequences. If you are looking for a fully insured tree service firm that can certainly handle the job, remember to reach out to ECO Tree Experts today.


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