Palm Beach County Hurricane Preparedness Tips: Protect Your Home Today

Hurricanes are in a hurry. The average hurricane season sees an average of 14 named storms and three major hurricanes. Even a tropical depression is capable of producing floods and high waves. You are going to encounter a hurricane sooner rather than later. You must be mindful of hurricane safety and you must carry out hurricane preparedness tips. 

What kinds of damage can hurricanes produce? What should your natural disaster safety plan look like? How can your home stay safe during a storm? 

Answer these questions and you can avoid hurricane damage through simple measures. Here is your quick guide. 

Understand How Hurricanes Work 

The Atlantic hurricane season runs between June 1 and November 30. Hurricanes require a difference between the temperature in the air and the temperature in the water in order to operate. The summer and fall months are when there is the biggest difference between the two. 

Yet it is possible for a hurricane to develop outside of the season. This means that you must prepare for a hurricane at any time. 

Hurricanes can create storm surges, which are large floods that can damage buildings and property. They can also create rainstorms and wind. This means that you must prepare your house for water and wind damage, especially if you have a beachfront property. 

Prepare an Evacuation Plan 

The Saffir-Simpson scale assigns number grades to hurricanes. The grades are based on wind speeds, storm surges, and atmospheric pressure. 

A Category 3 hurricane is capable of blowing down trees and causing structural damage to buildings. You should evacuate whenever a Category 3 storm is coming toward Palm Beach County. 

Make an evacuation plan in advance of the hurricane season. Decide what items you are going to take and which routes you will use to leave the area. Pack a go-bag so you can leave at a moment’s notice. 

Secure Your Home

You can protect your home against wind damage by removing trees near your property. Hire a tree removal service and get rid of all dead or decaying trees adjacent to you. 

Get solid plywood planks and put them up against your windows. This will minimize the damage to your home from shattered glass. This will also prevent objects from flying through your home. 

Install weather stripping along the bottom of your doors and windows to reduce water damage. Move objects that water could ruin into the upper levels of your house. Place them in watertight containers for added security. 

The Best Hurricane Preparedness Tips

You can follow essential hurricane preparedness tips without breaking a sweat. The hurricane season runs through the summer and fall. But a hurricane can drop massive amounts of rain at any time. 

Get out of Palm Beach County when a major hurricane is approaching. Figure out what essentials you will take and where you will go. 

Be proactive about potential sources of damage. Remove trees that could damage your house and seal your home so it will not flood. 

Don’t wait until a hurricane is hurrying toward you. ECO Tree Experts serves the Palm Beach area. Contact us today.