Nine Best Short Shade Trees for Small Yards

If you have a small yard, you may think you don’t have enough space for a shade tree. While this may be true for some small yards, a wide variety of short-shade trees can grow fast without taking up too much space. 

To get the most out of your beautiful new shade tree and keep it healthy for years, you’ll want a tree service by Eco Tree Experts.

Below are nine types of shade trees that could add a lot of life to your small yard.

1. Saucer Magnolia Tree

Saucer magnolia trees are a beautiful and colorful addition to any yard. The aptly-named tree comes with saucer-shaped pink or purple and white flowers.  

Unlike some other magnolia variants, saucer magnolias only grow to about 25 feet tall, perfect for a smaller yard.

2. Flowering Dogwood Tree

Flowering dogwoods are unique trees that stand out in most yards. They have leaves known as “bracts,” which surround the blooming flowers of the tree and look a lot like flowers themselves.

The tree is typically between 20 and 25 feet tall and has red, white, or pink bracts.

3. Japanese Maple Tree

Beautiful and sturdy, you can’t go wrong with a maple tree, especially a Japanese maple. 

Japanese maple trees are especially diverse, so you can always find a perfect fit for your yard. These varied trees grow between ten to 20 feet on average and thrive with partial shade.

4. Emerald Green Arborvitae Tree

If you want a traditional North American look, this evergreen tree is ideal.

With beautiful, flowy green leaves perfect for trimming and an overall low-maintenance requirement, the emerald green arborvitae tree is an excellent choice for most yards.  

In addition, it only grows up to around 15 feet tall and is only four feet wide on average.

5. Sargent Cherry Tree

This deciduous tree, which grows in parts of Asia, can add an incredible splash of color wherever you plant it. 

These trees grow to be 20 to 30 feet tall and can be pretty full, so keep that in mind before planting. However, you shouldn’t pass on this short-shade tree if you have enough space.

6. Paper Birch Tree

With its fragile, peeling bark, the paper birch tree features a unique design. Unlike most trees, the paper birch tree has a white and chalky exterior. 

It also grows quite fast, at an average rate of one to two feet a year, and works best in full sun or partial shade.

7. Crape Myrtle Tree

Easily one of the most beautiful and colorful trees, the crape myrtle tree is an exceptional fit for a smaller yard. In the summer, this tree has pink or purple flowers that really make it stand out. 

These elegant and resilient trees grow between 20 and 40 feet on average.

8. Sweetbay Magnolia Tree

If one magnolia tree isn’t enough, the sweetbay magnolia tree is another short-shade tree perfect for a small yard. 

These trees grow fast and have white, honeysuckle-like flowers when blooming. Typically, they grow to be up to 35 feet tall. 

9. Hakuro Nishiki Tree

The Hakuro nishiki tree is a short, bush-like tree that should easily fit most yards.

This tree has elegant wispy willow leaves that change into numerous colors depending on the season. The fast-growing Hakuro nishiki tree will grow 15 to 20 feet on average.

Get Some Help for Your Short-Shade Trees

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