What Is Considered a Tree Emergency in Boca Raton and How To Handle It

Large trees may be beautiful, but the potential threat they can bring to your home during wind and hailstorms is something you shouldn’t ignore. Sometimes, it can be hard to tell the difference between an old tree and one that requires emergency tree care. If you’ve never had tree crisis intervention done on your property, allow our team at ECO Tree Experts, the best tree service in Boca Raton, to show you why you may require urgent tree services for your property.

What Is a Critical Tree Situation?

When a tree on your property shows signs that it needs either immediate removal or preventative pruning, this is a critical tree situation. Rapid tree response involves adjusting a tree or completely removing it so that property and people on the site aren’t put at risk.

If you live in an area like Boca Raton that’s subject to tropical storms and potential hurricanes, it can pay to be selective about what trees you leave on your property. Trees that are leaning, decaying, or split in the trunk can become a danger to your roof or yard if you don’t let a professional address it in time.

Signs You Need Immediate Tree Assistance

If the trees on your property are showing any of these signs, you may have a tree emergency that needs resolving:

Overbearing Roots

When roots reach the surface, they can interfere with walkways, patios, and yards. Overzealous roots can not only be a tripping hazard but are also indicative of a more sinister problem with the tree. If you see roots on the surface, odds are the tree is leaning to one side and may require extraction by a professional. 

Diseased Trees

If your tree is showing signs of decay or injury, it could be at risk for branch loss or even falling over onto your property. Signs of decay include loose bark, weak branches, premature leaf fall, and an excess of twigs on the ground beneath the tree. If your tree is leaning or showing any external signs of disease, it may be time to remove it from your property.

Power Line Interference

If a tree is interfering with your power lines, this could be more than an inconvenience; it could cause a fire in the worst circumstances. When you notice a tree is touching your power lines, it’s best to call a tree expert service immediately so that you don’t run the risk of hurting your power lines or the tree. You can save most trees by pruning and trimming if they’re touching your power line.

Work With ECO Tree Experts for All Your Tree Needs

If you need assistance with a tree emergency, contact ECO Tree Experts. We’re great at handling:

  • Tree removal
  • Tree pruning
  • Tree planting

Our technicians even provide 24-hour emergency tree services, whether you need to remove a tree quickly or schedule a consultation on what to do next with your yard. Call 833-321-TREE for your consultation today.