Utility Line Clearance Services in West Palm Beach, FL

After a major storm or other inclement weather situation, one of the common sights to see is a branch or tree which has fallen onto live power lines or utility lines. This may also happen if a tree is diseased or damaged and finally comes crashing down but does not quite make it all the way to the ground.

When a tree lands on a utility line, it is critical that emergency services are contacted to have the branch removed. Tree removal is a delicate process when there are no live power lines involved. In those cases where power lines are part of the situation, the results can be very dangerous. Utility companies need to know when a tree branch is causing an issue with the power lines, so it is up to the utility customers to contact them.

Utility clients should also have the number of an experienced tree removal company on hand so that the tree can be removed safely and quickly. The primary objective is to restore power without causing any harm to those involved. Because most of the power lines are life, they can be quite dangerous. For this reason, residents should call emergency services right away for any fallen branches or undesirable vegetation around a utility line.

What Are Live Line Clearance Services?

Whether a power outage has actually occurred due to a fallen branch or the possibility is a real threat, a utility company may need to remove trees and other debris away from a power line before it causes serious trouble for the residents and businesses in the area.

As everyone is well-aware, a fallen branch on a utility line can spell danger and power disruptions for entire neighborhoods. The utility companies will work as fast as possible to clear the debris, but sometimes it takes longer than expected. When line clearance services are needed, residents in West Palm Beach, Florida, can trust ECO Tree Experts to get the job done right. We can also help to prevent the need for line clearance by maintaining the branches with regular trimming.

Utility line clearance services involve the removal of branches, trees, and other debris using specialized equipment. At ECO Tree Experts, our tree trimming team uses the right equipment to reach the difficult spots on your trees to ensure that they will not interfere with a utility line and that your home has reliable power. We are also able to perform right of way clearing when the occasion calls for it.

Why Is It Important to Contact Professionally Trained Crews for Utility Line Clearance Services?

The most important reason that utility customers need to contact professionally trained crews to handle issues with utility line clearance and vegetation management is because of the potential danger involved.

Line clearance services require specialized equipment that will prevent the technician from coming into contact with the live utility line while they are performing their tree trimming services. They are also well-versed in the best and most advanced techniques for avoiding a line utility line while getting the job done. A homeowner or business owner who does not have the knowledge or equipment may end up seriously injured or dead as a result of touching a live power line.

Another reason to contact a landscape care expert is for control of your tree branches as they begin to reach the heights of power lines. Children are prone to climbing high in the trees, and those branches which are near power lines may put them in harm’s way. Our tree care team at ECO Tree Experts has a commitment to safety, so our tree trimming services work to ensure that you and your family remain safe.

Steps to Take If a Branch Falls on a Power Line

If a branch or other debris falls on a power line near your property, here are some steps to take and points to remember:

  • Do not attempt to cut the tree or branches on your own
  • Do not touch the branch or live wire
  • Be sure to stay clear of branches if you are removing objects caught in your trees
  • Never allow a ladder to rest against a live utility line because the lines are not insulated and you may be injured through touching the ladder
  • Maintain your landscaping and follow our team’s landscape care tips
  • Keep up with vegetation management, especially around the utility lines
  • Call for expert utility line clearance services if a branch falls

By following these steps and remembering these helpful tips, you can rest assured that your power will be returned quickly and you and your family will remain safe and secure.

Contact Our West Palm Beach, FL, Tree Service Experts

At ECO Tree Experts in West Palm Beach, FL, we are committed to helping our community remain beautiful and safe. Our team follows all of the latest regulations when it comes to utility line clearance services as well as right-of-way clearing. If you are a resident in West Palm Beach or a city nearest there, you can rely on ECO Tree Experts to provide you with the highest quality customer service for your landscaping and trees.

Our team understands how challenging it can be to know that your safety is at risk because of tree branches being too close to utility lines. We offer professional tree trimming services to ensure that you never have any problems with the branches falling on the power lines, even during a severe weather situation. Your safety is our top priority.

At ECO Tree Experts, no job is too big or too small for our crews to handle. We guarantee customer satisfaction for a job well done, no matter what the project is. From routine tree trimming to regular tree care services to full land clearing, we focus on quality control for every client.

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