What To Do With Tree Trimmings: Eco-Friendly Tips

Suppose you have recently pruned or trimmed a tree, and you’re wondering what to do with the tree trimmings? 

While gathering tree trimmings and disposing of them might seem like a time-consuming and challenging job, it can benefit your garden and your plants. 

According to the #1 tree service professionals in Boynton Beach, FL–ECO Tree Experts—there are a few eco-friendly ways you can use to clear away small or large pieces of wood from your property.

5 Eco-Friendly Ways to Deal With Tree Trimmings

Do your community, the planet, and future generations a favor by not disposing of tree branches and trimmings in the trash. Instead, consider these eco-friendly alternatives to deal with your organic lawn waste.

1. Compost Tree Trimmings

Composting trimmings is one of the most popular ways to enhance the pH of your soil and dispose of yard waste. For this method, you don’t need any special tools. All you need to do is ensure the compost pile is far away from your residence. 

Gather all of your grass clippings, leaves, plants, and trimmings in one place. Keep the pile moist and soggy for better results. After a few weeks, the pile should be ready to use as potting or garden soil.

2. Turn Trimmings Into Mulch

To turn trimmings into mulch, you will need a wood chipper. You can rent one or hire a professional tree removal service to chip the waste into mulch. 

Mulch helps flower beds look nice, covers bare soil, and nurtures trees. Bare soil has less life and is more susceptible to erosion and pests than covered soil. Mulch is also an expensive landscaping material, so using tree trimmings to create organic mulch can be a more affordable alternative.

3. Waste Recycling

Some towns have organized waste recycling centers where you can take your lawn waste or tree trimmings. Collect the waste in a designated bag and bring it to one of these centers. 

Waste recycling centers usually grind the brush, branches, and leaves and turn the trimmings or waste into usable organic mulch.

4. Fill a Raised Bed

Brush, branches, leaves, and tree trimmings are excellent for creating or filling raised flower or garden beds. You can also use them to plant things such as melons, squash, and pumpkins. All you need to do is fill the bottom of the bed with tree trimmings or leaves and add soil on top.

After a few weeks, the branches and leaves will break down and release nutrients into the soil. Using organic waste to create the base for your garden beds can save you a lot of money in the long run. It also reduces the amount of soil necessary.

5. Donate Tree Trimmings or Lawn Waste to a Neighbor

If you don’t need tree trimmings or leaves and branches from a fallen tree at the moment, ask to see if your neighbor or friend can use them. Maybe they need organic mulch for their lawn or garden beds, and yours will do an excellent job. 

You can also consider offering it on Facebook groups for free or at the local parks, depending on the amount you have to donate.

Consult With the Pros

Now that you know what to do with tree trimmings, you can decide how you want to use them to do a good deed for the environment. 

For additional help, you can always count on ECO Tree Experts. From offering diagnosis and treatment of a sick tree to removing a tree safely and carefully from your lawn, there is nothing that we can’t do. Call us today at 833-321-TREE to book a service and receive a free quote.