What Causes a Tree Trunk To Split?

Considering how strong tree trunks are, they’re easy to overlook. However, there’s a lot that comes with caring for a tree, including being vigilant about large cracks in your tree’s main trunk. 

So, what causes a tree trunk to split? Can you repair it, or will you need to reach out to tree removal experts in West Palm Beach instead? Read on to learn about the reasons that cracks and splits may appear on your tree and what to do about them.

What Causes a Tree Trunk To Split?

Young trees aside, the trunk is often the toughest part of the tree. So, what can be so severe that it causes a tree trunk to split into two? Here are a few common reasons you might see your tree’s trunk develop nasty splits and vertical cracks:

Frost Cracks

A trunk’s exterior might be tough and dry. However, its interior is full of moisture, which can be a big problem during the winter. As temperatures drop, this water freezes and expands inside the tree’s system, and then, as the sun comes out, the ice thaws.

The freeze-and-thaw cycle takes its toll on the tree, often resulting in frost cracks.

Internal Decay

Sometimes, when trunks split, it is a result of internal decay. However, this will depend on the disease infecting your tree and how severe it happens to be.

Extreme Weather

Florida is no stranger to extreme weather conditions. If you’re seeing a large crack in your tree’s trunk with burnt wood evidence, there’s a strong possibility that lightning is the culprit.

What To Do About Trunk Splits

A split in your tree’s trunk can be concerning for your tree’s structural integrity. Fortunately, trunk splits aren’t an automatic death sentence. It is often still possible to repair your tree with some help from a professional team like ECO Tree Experts.

For example, some of the repair options may include:

  • Bolts. Professionals use bolts to hold the trunk’s split pieces together.
  • Remove the scarring. When experts cut out the scarring, it allows your tree to repair itself a lot quicker.
  • Tape broken limbs. Arborists may also tape the split pieces together to promote healing and prevent further damage.

Will Tree Removal Be Necessary?

Although tree removal is not a thought many tree owners like entertaining, some occasions will call for it. For instance, if the split is too deep, removal will be the best course of action. Also, if your tree has completely split in half, it won’t be coming back.

While the first hope of seeing your tree trunk with a split is for repair, this won’t always be possible. But why not chat with a certified arborist to see if your tree is salvageable?

Emergency Tree Service in West Palm Beach, FL

Just like any other emergency, time is crucial when it comes to addressing tree trunk splits. Fortunately, professional tree care is only a phone call away in West Palm Beach, Florida.

From knowing what causes a tree trunk to split to aiding your tree’s recovery from bark damage, ECO Tree Experts’ skills come in handy. Call us today at 833-321-TREE!