Do Tree Removal Companies Need to Be Licensed?

Do tree removal companies need to be licensed in terms of Florida legislation? Yes, tree service experts in West Palm Beach need an occupational license to comply with industry standards and licensing requirements. In this post, we dig into this a little deeper. 

Why Does a Reputable Company Support This Legislation? 

Removing a big tree without hurting anyone or causing property damage is not easy. It may look like all you do is lop off a few branches before bringing down the trunk, but Google “tree chopping fails,” and you get 1,890,000 results. 

While most of these are videos making fun of amateurs cutting down trees, they do show what can go wrong, and the consequences are anything but funny. The tree might fall onto your home, car, or worse still, a family member or friend. It can damage not only your property but that of a neighbor. 

In addition, insurers might decline coverage because you didn’t choose a licensed team. 

Professionals support the regulations because they keep people safe. The average pine tree with a trunk about a foot in diameter can weigh as much as 0.9 tons. That will smash through your roof easily if it falls the wrong way. 

Who Should You Hire? 

The occupational license is the bare minimum qualification to look for, so extend the question to, “Do tree removal companies need to be licensed, certified, and insured?” The answer is yes on all three counts because this gives you the maximum protection. 

Contractors with extra voluntary certifications get extra points, but don’t be scared to ask them to prove that these are still up to date. 

What Qualifications to Look for and Why

When searching for a tree removal company, look for the following qualifications.

Proper Certification

Felling a tree is dangerous, so check their certification from either the Tree Care Industry Association or the International Society of Arboriculture is current by visiting the relevant organization’s website. 

Who Will Handle the Job? 

Hiring a properly-qualified pro is only useful if they will be on-site throughout the process. Confirm this with the company ahead of time, and consider having it in the contract as well. Finally, ensure they follow the American National Standards Institute’s guidelines.


The occupational license is your proof that the company understands the relevant safeguards the state imposes and that they know what the laws are. Confirm the details with the Florida State Licensing Board.  

Does an Occupational License Guarantee Success? 

Having an occupational license shows the company’s professionalism and skill. For the licensing, the state runs a background check to ensure the contractor is who they claim and is eligible. 

Contractors must also show that they are aware of the state requirements in terms of offering tree services. Contractors also demonstrate that they understand the local regulations regarding which trees they can and can’t remove. 

Therefore, this document also protects you if a gung-ho contractor removes a protected tree without the proper permission. Be sure to check that the certificate is current by calling the State licensing board. 

When checking the certificate, also check that the contractor may work in your local area. It may also pay to check if your local town council has additional bylaws that apply to prevent you from inadvertently receiving penalties. 

Need Help from Certified Professionals? 

At Eco Tree Experts, we can help with dealing with a tree blocking your driveway and all your tree removal questions. We know that the answer to “Do tree removal companies need to be licensed?” is always a resounding, “Yes!” so put us to the test, and we’ll produce our certificate. 

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