When Is a Tree Considered Dead in Boca Raton, FL?

Most well-maintained trees can and will last a very long time. However, like all living organisms, trees eventually die. So, when is a tree considered dead?   

As the go-to tree service contractor in Boca Raton, the crew at ECO Tree Experts delves deeper into the signs of a dead tree. Keep reading to learn a few tips on determining dead trees.   

At What Point Is a Tree Dead?   

Sometimes, identifying dead trees might prove challenging. If you suspect you have a dead tree on your property, get a second opinion before removing it. Remember that you don’t have to remove all dead trees.   

Provided the tree doesn’t present a potential hazard when it falls, you can leave it. Dead trees play an essential role in the ecosystem and offer living spaces for birds and animals. Nonetheless, stay alert for the following tree death indicators:

Lack of Foliage   

A look at the leaves will help you determine whether a tree is dead or dying. While some trees take a while to leaf out, a tree without a single leaf in August points to a potential issue.   

A lack of leaves may not always mean you have a dead tree, but it may have tree health issues. Hire an expert to inspect the tree because the lack of foliage will not tell the entire story.   

Trunk Damage   

While some trees have naturally peeling bark, large sections of bark peeling off the trunk can indicate a tree on its last legs. Keep an eye out for signs of decay, such as significant rotting, especially if the rot forms a ring around the entire trunk.   

You should also worry if you notice anything oozing from the trunk. This could indicate pest activity or damage from construction and landscaping.   

Fungus Growth   

When is a tree considered dead or dying? Look out for bracket or shelf fungus on the trunk or fungus growth around the tree’s base. Fungus growth on an unhealthy tree could indicate a rotting trunk.

Similarly, a large amount of fungus growth in the ground around the tree could signify rotting roots. When enough of the root structure rots away, the tree may start leaning.  

Vertical Cracks    

Vertical cracks or splits, if paired with other signs, may point to a tree on its deathbed. Knowing when trees are deemed dead helps, but you want to hire a certified arborist for a comprehensive inspection.    

Trust Your Local Tree Experts for Help   

Now that you can answer the question, “When is a tree considered dead?” You want to hire competent professionals for your tree care needs. Trust ECO Tree Experts to maximize the beauty, safety, and outcomes of your tree and landscaping projects.    

Our full range of residential, commercial, and industrial tree services includes:   

  • Tree removal and stump grinding   
  • Tree trimming and pruning   
  • 24-Hour emergency tree service   
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