Who Is Responsible for Fallen Tree Removal in West Palm Beach?

Every year, storms cause countless trees and limbs to fall. Unfortunately, some of those fallen trees and limbs damage properties and cause injuries or fatalities.   

Removing a fallen tree and cleaning up the damage may prove challenging, especially when your tree falls into a neighbor’s compound or vice versa. Who is responsible for fallen tree removal?  

In this post, ECO Tree Experts, a top-rated provider of tree service in West Palm Beach, discusses the responsibility for fallen tree removal in West Palm Beach.  

Liability for Fallen Trees  

Several factors come into play when determining the party or individual responsible for a fallen tree.

Who Owns the Tree?

According to tree law, you own a tree only if the trunk roots in your land. Similarly, a tree with its trunk rooted in your neighbor’s property belongs to them. If a tree trunk grows on the boundary line between two properties, both owners share ownership and responsibility for the tree.  

Responsibility for Tree Removal If a Neighbor’s Tree Falls Onto Your Property  

Who is responsible for fallen tree removal in West Palm Beach? If a neighbor’s healthy and well-maintained tree falls onto your property because of natural or unavoidable circumstances, you bear the responsibility for its removal. You’ll need to contact your homeowners’ insurance, but they will likely cover all the costs of tree removal and associated damage.  

On the other hand, if a neighbor’s tree falls onto your property due to your neighbor’s negligence, they bear the responsibility for tree removal and damage costs.  

Keep in mind that you may have a tough time proving negligence. You’ll have a stronger case if, say, you previously asked the neighbor to remove the dying tree or sent them a letter from a professional arborist or tree care expert stating the need for tree removal.  

What Happens If a Tree on Public Land Falls on Your Property?  

If a tree from public land falls on your property, the local authority will bear responsibility for having the tree removed and all costs associated with its removal. However, you’ll likely have to rely on your homeowners’ insurance policy to cover the damage costs associated with the fallen tree.  

Will Your Homeowners Insurance Cover Tree Removal Costs? 

It helps to note that coverage for tree-related damage is merely potential and not certain. That said, the likelihood of your homeowners’ insurance bearing responsibility for fallen tree removal depends on several factors.  

Your homeowners’ policy will cover the costs of removal and damage only if the tree fell due to “acts of God” such as hurricanes, snowstorms, high winds, or any other natural and unavoidable events.  

In case of negligence, such as ignoring the signs of a pest infestation or not properly pruning or trimming the branches, the tree owner bears the responsibility for clean-up, removal, or repair costs.

Bottom Line  

When in doubt, seek professional help. You also want to hire experts to remove your tree rather than do it yourself or give the job to just anyone. A seasoned tree removal expert will minimize property damage and ensure the process runs seamlessly.  

Trust Your Local Tree Experts  

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